Penguin Drawing For Beginners Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post I have provided penguin drawing for all of you. Which will be explained to you all How to draw penguin step by step. I hope you all like this blog post. Friends, it is very easy to try to make this drawing. so very soon you can make this drawing, that too easily. By the way, to make this drawing easier. I have provided a stepwise method for all of you in this blog post, I hope you will like it.

If you want to make this drawing easy, then understand all the steps given below and definitely read this blog post from beginning to end.

How to Make Penguin Drawing

If you are making this drawing, then first read the steps given below and definitely understand the given image for Guidance.

Step:1 First you draw this type of shape

Penguin Drawing

So guys, first you have to draw a big oval shape as big as you want to draw a penguin. After that on the right side, you have to draw a small circle like shape. With the help of an oval shape that we drew, we will draw the body of the penguin and with the help of a small circle like shape, we will draw the head of the penguin. So, guys, I hope you understand by this point.

Step:2 Draw like a cone shape in front of the penguin’s Head

So guys, now you have to draw a cone shape in front of the penguin’s head. It has been told in a very easy way how to make this penguin drawing, so I hope you will make this drawing in one go. After that, you have to draw the hands of penguins. Right now, we are drawing the shape of its hand, we will do the remaining shading later when this drawing will be made completely.

Step:3 Draw Face Parts of Penguin

So friends, now we have to draw its face parts, which you can draw very easily. First of all, we have to draw its eye, then we have to draw its Beak shape. So friends in this step, all that is left is the last step. So, friends, that’s all in this step. Now we go to the next step.

Step:4 Now You Have to Erase Initial Guideline

Penguin Drawing

So friends, now we have to erase the initial Guideline in this drawing. In the line that is erased, you must draw it carefully so that there is no deficiency after complete penguin drawing.

Step:5 Penguin Drawing has been made

Penguin Drawing

So friends, now this penguin drawing is completely done. In the last, in this drawing, we just have to do sketching which will be very easy in this drawing. I hope you all liked this article, so let’s see you in the next blog post.

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