#perspective drawing #Cool Drawings #perspective drawing for kids

perspective drawing: Hello friends how are you I hope you are all well?.
Today one of our very lovely scenes is making and learning and today we are making it.
First, you look at this sketch. We will design perspective drawing of Cool Perspective Drawings۔

#perspective drawing #Cool Drawings #perspective drawing for kids

The first step of Cool perspective drawing


You will pick up your pencil and a piece of paper that is always used.
In this cool drawing, first, you will make a photo of the girl, as you have seen in the photo.

Perspective drawing

Second step of cool drawing

In the second step of cool drawing, you will make the frame of the spectacles.
At the same time, we have to make glasses
Now look at the picture carefully

#perspective drawing #Cool Drawings #perspective drawing for kids

3rd step of cool drawing

In the third step
We will make clouds on the glass with glasses.
We will make the sun a light ray. As the sun sets, the picture of that time is very beautiful. We have to show the desert where this picture is being taken.
Now look at the picture carefully

So friends, now this drawing(perspective drawing) has been made. In this last, you all have to draw Glasses. Will be able to draw very easily if you try to make this drawing(perspective drawing). Expectation you enjoyed this article. You can remark on this how would you like this article. In the event that you have not yet told the warnings of our web journals, at that point get the most recent take-up you first and you can appreciate it first. Much obliged to you folks for the following post in the following post-bye.