Pond Drawing in 5 Steps

Pond Drawing, Hello, friends welcome to this blog post. I hope you waiting for this amazing pond drawing. Pond drawing is very amazing. If you want to draw this so you have to read this full article. I have provide five steps and a video tutorial of this Pond Drawing.

Pond Drawing


Pond Drawing in 5 Steps

So guys here we are to draw a Pond drawing. Do you know what actually a pond is? So let us tell you ponds are small area of still, freshwater, they are different from a river or a stream because they does not contain moving water and they differ from a lake because they have a small area and is no more than around 1.8m deep. Now let’s talk about the step in this step for of all we have to draw a horizontal line from the middle of the paper and after that we have to make the grasses.


Pond Drawing in 5 Steps

So here comes the second step for this drawing, so, in this drawing, you have to, first of all, make the trunk of the tree after making the trunk of the tree you have to make the land part separately in the drawing and the water part separately as you can see in the image attached to this file that the land part has been drawn separately and the water part too.

You have to also make the green Lotus-type plants in the water part, floating in the water. Have a look at the picture and it will help you to draw.


pond drawing

Here is the third part of this drawing, so in this step, you have to, first of all, make a lady. After making the lady in the pond you have to make a pot through which she is filling the water from the pond.

After making the lady in the pond you have to make another lady standing on the land part of the drawing carrying a water pot with herself. After making the ladies in the drawing you have to water color the tree the leaves should be green in color and the trunk should be brown.


pond drawing

Here is the fourth and the second last step to making this drawing. In this step, we will first of all outline the drawing and after that, we fill water colors in the soil part of this drawing outline of the grass you can do with dark green water color.

You can also draw various herbs and shrubs according to you in this drawing and you can also draw birds or domestic animals like dogs it’s up to you.


pond drawing

In this step, you have to first fill colors watercolor or you can either sketch or you can also shade with pencil colors. Fill color in the ladies the water the land and the sky. After coloring, this drawing has been completed and is ready to be presented. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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