Puppy Drawing For Kids | Step by Step #Puppy #Drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Friends, this blog post today has been specially prepared for the kids because this drawing is very fantastic and very easy to make. In this article, we have provided a cute puppy drawing for you. I hope you all like this post very much.

Friends, this drawing is very easy to make, but still, I have provided a video tutorial of this drawing for all of you so that you can make this drawing very easily. If you want the way to make this drawing very easily, then you should read this article from the beginning to the end and the video tutorial of this drawing…

How to make Puppy Drawing

To make this drawing, first of all, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step:1 First You Have to draw Puppy’s nose

puppy drawing

Friends, as you are seeing, in the heading of this paragraph. It is written that first of all you have to draw a puppy’s nose. The correct way to draw his nose is in the video tutorial.

Step:2 Draw Tongue of puppy

Puppy Drawing For Kids | Step by Step #Puppy #Drawing

So guys, now you have to draw it Tongue. Drawing the tongue is very easy, you can watch the video tutorial. I am explaining you step by step so that you do not make any mistake while making this drawing.

Step:3 Draw Eyes

Puppy Drawing

Friends, now you have to draw puppy eyes. The way to draw eyes is that you have to draw two circles, one by one you can keep the size of the circle according to the size of the face from Puppy. After that, you have to draw two circles inside the circle, after that you can see in the image how the eyes are drawn. Friends I hope you all have understood by here.

Step:4 Now you have to Draw Eyebrow

Puppy Drawing For Kids | Step by Step #Puppy #Drawing

Now you have to draw Pappy’s eyebrows, so you can draw very easily.

Step:5 Drawing shape of puppy face

Puppy Drawing

So friends, now you have to draw the shape of its face. I hope you understand everything here.

Step:6 Draw Ears of Puppy (Drawing)

Puppy Drawing

Friends, now you have to draw its ear, which is very easy to draw(Puppy Drawing). Everything else you did not understand, you can see in the video tutorial of this drawing, which is given in the next paragraph.

Watch in the following video


So, friends, this video tutorial is for this drawing, do not forget to watch this video and if you do not understand anything related to this drawing, then you can ask by commenting or you can message me on the contact us page. If you have not allowed your blog notifications, then do it now so that the latest updates related to the drawing will reach you first.

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