Queen Drawing by Using Only One Pencil | Queen Sketch

Hello Friends, Welcome to my Queen Drawing Tutorial. This drawing is made by Only one pencil. If you want to know how to draw Queen so you can try on your Drawing Sheet. The amazing thing is that in this blog post the video tutorial of this is provided in the last paragraph. You can stepwise see the video tutorial what types you do have to draw the Queen drawing in this tutorial. The stepwise method also is given in this tutorial.

If you want to draw this Queen you have to read the full tutorial of this drawing For Beginners and watch the full video tutorial.

Queen Drawing Image

Queen drawing

This is the image of this drawng. I hope you like this drawing very much. You can draw this drawing to see the image of this drawing. I will explain the parts of this drawing. Provide the steps and explain each steps in this drawing after this paragraph.


First you have to draw the full body shape of this Queen. After draw the shape of this queen draw the head. To draw the head first you have to draw the head shape. After that draw the face parts. In the face part you have to draw the eyes, nose & lips.


So, Now draw the hairs of Queen. After draw the hair you have to shade in hair. After that draw the hands of Queen.


This is the last step of this tutorial. In this step we have to shape in the full body of Queen.

So friends after this paragraph the video tutorial given in the last. In the video tutorial you have to see the all parts of this drawing. I hope you like the video tutorial of this Drawing.

Watch the Video Tutorial of Queen Drawing


So friends, This is the video tutorial of this drawing. I hope you like this article. If you like this article you can share this and comment on this.