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Hello friends, all of you must know that 24 January is coming, that means Republic Day is Coming. January 26 is one of the three significant national celebrations of India. 26 January is commended as Republic Day. Which is the extraordinary enthusiasm and regard all through the nation. This is the day when the Republic and the Constitution came into power in India. I have told you all this but the last thing I would like to tell us that the architect of the Constitution was Dr BR Ambedkar. He had an important role in making the constitution. So I have provided Dr BR Ambedkar’s drawing for all of you its called Republic Day Drawing. Hope you like this article very much. Friends, there are some shortcomings in this drawing.

which is that I have not provided step by step images to all of you because this drawing is a time-lapse drawing, due to which I could not capture images for you from this video. By the way, you do not have to worry much because the video tutorial of this drawing is given below. So that you will not face any problem in making this Republic Day drawing. And I have clearly written how the drawing will be made in this article. so overall there is no shortage for you in this article. Republic Day Drawing is Very Easy to draw.

How to Draw Dr BR Ambedkar Drawing(Republic Day Drawing)

Friends, how did you like Dr BR Ambedkar’s drawing, do let us know by commenting. Well by looking at this image, you must have felt that you will not be able to make this drawing properly. I can tell you that you can make this drawing very easily if you keep trying. In this paragraph, I will explain a little bit about what you will have to do in this drawing first and how to make this drawing. There are some requirements to make this Republic Day drawing, which should be those qualities in you. If it is not there, then first you will have to do preparation to make this Republic Day drawing. First of all, you should come to draw, that means looking at the shape or something. After that, you should get shade, with the help of which you can make drawings even more attractive. And sketching you should come too.

The procedure of (Republic Day)Dr BR Ambedkar’s Drawing

Now you have to draw the eyes of Dr BR Ambedkar by looking at this image in the beginning. First, you have to draw eyes with a light line. Friends, I am asking you to draw with a light line so that if we make a mistake in drawing, then we can easily erase it. If we run in the dark initially, we will not be able to erase it easily if there is a mistake. I hope you understand my point well. After that, you have to draw their hair. Friends, we are drawing now, after that we will have to do shading in it too.

Now you have to draw the shape of their face in it, after making the shape you will have to draw parts of their face like their nose, ear tips and other things that we have to draw. Hope you can make this Republic Day drawing well. The drawing is complete, now our last work is of shade, now we have to first shade in their glasses with dark pencil. Dark pencil means you can use 4B or 6B pencil for shading in this Republic Day drawing. After shading in glasses, you have to shade them in the eyes first of all start with eyeblack. Now you have to dark shade their eyeblack using a 4B pencil. After shading in the eyeblack you have to sketch it in the eyebrows.

After drawing the eyes completely, you have to shade their entire face, you have to shade them very lightly. Now shading on the face, you have to shade on their ears and name as well and on the rest of their lips, you have to shade after shaping them.

Watch in the following video tutorial

source-YouTube/ART AVATAR

Most of the tips for making this Republic Day drawing I have given to all of you and you can watch the video of this drawing from the tutorials if you need it. If you want to make this drawing and you want to make this drawing in the same way as you are seeing in this given image. Then you have to read this article very carefully and the video tutorial of this drawing is definitely See.

Along these lines, companions, this is a video instructional exercise of this drawing. Which is significant for you to watch on the off chance that you make this Republic Day drawing. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are watching this article just for amusement, it isn’t important for them to comprehend.

Consequently, partners, this is a video instructional exercise of this drawing. In case you don’t perceive any clarifications behind this article. by then you can comment by commenting or you can message me on the connect with us page of my blog. Accordingly, individuals, this is a video instructional exercise of this Baby Yoda drawing. which I was illuminating you as for quite a while. I recognize that you have seen each and every point in this article. I trust you valued the experience of this article really. In like manner, try to permit the notification of our blog so every most recent drawing post interfaces with you first.

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