Rottweiler drawing in 5 Steps

Hello friends, In this blog post I will provide a Rottweiler drawing. If you want to draw this rottweiler so you have to read this full article and understand all the steps which are given below. I hope you like this Rottweiler Drawing

Rottweiler Drawing

Step:1 Draw Circle

Rottweiler drawing in 5 Steps

So guys here is the first step to Rottweiler drawing this Rottweiler drawing. Do you know how smart rottweilers are? Sometimes they are smarter than their owners too. Rottweilers are very much thinking dogs. They’re very clever and will take their time working out a situation before they act. Rottweilers can be stubborn also.

Now let’s move back to the step, in this step we have to draw the shape of a big circle in the center of the page where you are making this drawing.

Step:2 Draw the Shape of the Eyes & Nose

Rottweiler drawing in 5 Steps

Here is the second step to make this drawing. In this step we have to make the eyes nose and the mouth part roughly. So first of all we will make the eyes part draw two small circles at the place where you will make the eyes and then after that you will make the mouth part so for mouth part draw a rough circle and for nose also draw a rough circle inside the circle drawn for the mouth, have a look at the picture it will be easier for you to understand.

Step:3 Draw Properly face of Rottweiler

rottweiler drawing

Here is the third step to draw this drawing. In this step you will make the ears and the mouth and eyes part properly. You know that rottwelers like their groceries so much. Rottweilers love to eat and will work for you in every chance they will get. They are very loyal, They are very honest and deeply devoted to their humans.

Now let’s move back to the step on this step we have to forst of all make the ears properly then the nose and mouth. Have a look at the image attached to this step.

Step:4 Erase Guidelines

rottweiler drawing

Here is the fourth and the second last step to make this drawing. In this step forst off all we wi make each shape of the rottweiler properly after that we will erase all the extra lines or guidlines and the circles thar were roughly drawn. After erasing them you have to make some patches above the rottweilers eyes as you can see in the picture attached to this step and you have to make the neck part also that is very bulky.

Step:5 Rottweiler Drawing has been made

rottweiler drawing

Here us the fifth and the last step to draw this drawing, in this step forst of all you have to outline the drawing with the help of a black thin sketch pen and thein after that you have to shade the drawing as shown in the image attached to this step. Now , after shading, your drawing has been made. I hope you guys enjoyed while making this drawing.

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