Sad Drawing Easy | Sad Girl Drawing in Five Steps

Sad Drawing Easy, Hi friends, I welcome you again to my blog post today. Today I have come out with a different post than yours. This is a separate post. I think before today, do not take this kind of post. But today I have brought it for you. These are sad drawings that are given in this blog post. And it is very easy to make it like the drawings of all the blog posts. You have to need some material to draw this sad girl. Like all drawings, I also told you to make this drawing a lot. I hope you will understand this.

Sad Drawing Easy(Sad Girl Drawing)

This drawing is one of your sad girl drawings. It is not a big deal to make this drawing. It is very easy to make it like all the drawings. I also told you the drawing of this blog post with instructions and some steps in a very easy way. I hope you will also like this blog post like all the posts.

Step:1 First You have to intersect the lines

Sad Drawing Easy | Sad Girl Drawing in Five Steps

In plain drawing easy, after you have read my given steps in order to make a drawing. To begin making this drawing, you must first intersect some lines. You have to intersect these lines very carefully. You will get a lot of help in the next step of intersected lines. you can take help of the step image given to line up to intersecting lines.

Step:2 Draw the Face Figure and Hair

sad drawing easy

So you have to decide the face figure of the girl with the help of lines intersected in this step. First of all, you have to make a nose while giving the shape of the forehead. You have to draw the lips of the girl while giving the shape of the nose. Along with that, you also have to draw by giving your chin a good shape. After that, you have to draw the hair of the girl.

Step:3 You have to draw Eye and the Tear in the eye

Sad Drawing Easy | Sad Girl Drawing in Five Steps

In this step, you have to make a girl’s eyes closed. Because the girl is sad and crying. And the girl’s eyes are closed. For this, you have to make close your eyes to the girl. Girl’s eyes will have to be made in a proper way. You have to draw only one eye of it. The other eye of the girl is not visible due to the side photo drawing. So for this, you have to draw one eye of the girl and only draw the eyelashes of the other eye. And you have to make a tear in this girl’s eye as well. And the lips and the nose have to be made better. And also the hair will have to be made full.

Step:4 Now your drawing has been completed

sad drawing easy

This is your last step, in this case, you just have to shade the drawn drawing. And after completing the drawing, you have to marry this drawing. Which will attract your drawing even more. I hope you liked this drawing very much.

Watch the video of the Sad Drawing Easy