Sasuke Drawing step by step

Hello Friends Welcome to today’s blog post. Today’s blog post category is our simple drawing which is a very simple and amazing drawing. Today I have made a Sasuke drawing in this blog post. Let us tell you how to make sausage drawing.

How to made Sasuke Drawing

To make this drawing you must first have drawing material FABRIC-CASTELL Marker pen.

To make this drawing you have to follow 6 steps to follow(Sasuke drawing).

Step:1 Start with Sasuke Face

sasuke drawing


First of all, you have to make an outline in the shape of Sasuke’s face. Please start drawing from right here so that the drawing is easy to make.

Step:2 Draw Eyes

sasuke drawing


Now we have to make eyes of Sasuke. Eye should look quite different so that we can feel good sasuki drawing.

Step:3 Draw Sasuke Nose

Sasuke Drawing step by step


therefore now you have to make a nose of sasuke. Nose is very simple to draw in this blog post.

Step:4 Draw Sasuke mouth

Sasuke Drawing step by step


After that you have to draw the sasuke’s mouth. Sasuke’s mouth is very simple to draw If friends in this post do not understand anything then you can give me feedback from them, though this is a drawing made for kids so that children Understand and make this drawing(sasuke drawing).

Step:5 Draw Hair of Sasuke

Sasuke Drawing step by step

Now you have to draw sasuke’s hair, Sasuke’s hair is exactly the same as the image of my draw is kept in your blog post. Sasuke drawing is very easy to draw..

Step:6 Complete draw of sasuke

Sasuke Drawing step by step

After that you have to have black color in the hair of Sasuke, you can also use the black marker to draw his hair. You have to do black color in the same way as the image of my blog post is happening in Sasuke drawing.

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