sea otter drawing | step by step drawing

Sea Otter Drawing. Welcome to this blogpost. In this blogpost i have explain how to draw Seaotter in Five easy steps. I hope you like this drawing. If you want to draw this so you have to follow all these are steps given below. Video tutorial link is provided in the last of this blogpost. I hope you like this sea otter drawingvery much.

Sea Otter Drawing

All the steps are given below of this Sea otter. I hope you understand all the steps.

Step:1 Draw Circle

sea otter drawing | step by step drawing

So guys here is the first step to draw the mammal named, the sea otter. The sea otter us a marine mammal and it is native to the coasts of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean. You know the adult sea otters typically weigh from the 14 to 35 kg. The scientific name of sea otter is Enhydra Lutis.

So, here let’s begin with the first step in this step we have to draw a oval type as you can see in the picture attached with this step. If you are someone who loves to draw, get creative with ideas, and create amazing designs, then Autodesk sketchbook pro apk  is a great application for it. It comes with quite a lot of tools that help you to draw your thoughts on your Android phone and tablet.

Step:2 Draw Two curved Intersecting Lines

sea otter drawing

Here is the second step to make this sea otter drawing in this step we are focusing on the face first we will draw two lines intersecting each. So forst of all draw a vertical and a bit curved line. So after drawing this vertical line draw a horizontal line inside the circle. After making this much we will move on to the next step.

Step:3 Draw the shape of Eyes and nose

sea otter drawing

So guys here is the third step to make this sea otter drawing. In this step we will make the nose and the shape of the eyes of the sea otter. So first of all make the small circle for the right eye of the sea otter than after making the right eye, draw a small circle for the left eye too. And then between the eyes a bit down. Draw a shape of the quadrilateral for the nose.

Step:4 Draw Face of Sea Otter

sea otter drawing

Here is the fourth step to make this drawing. You are only one step behind to complete your drawing. In this step we will draw the ears, mouth and the pupil of the eye. So first of all draw the cute ears, first draw the shape of the right jeero and then draw the shape of the left ear.

After making the ears, draw the cute mouth part of the sea otter. So first you have to draw the pupil of the eyes and name the pupil properly of the eyes. After that make proper shape of nose and at last make the shape of the mouth part properly.

Step:5 Sea Otter drawing has been made

sea otter drawing

So guys, here is the fifth and the last step to make this drawing in this step you just don’t have to do anything just you have to shade the sea otter property (outline is optional) and after shading the masterpiece, the sea otter is ready. I wonder you all enjoyed a lot while making the drawing. I hope you all guys understand.

Click here to watch the full video

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