Seal Drawing | Easy Drawing For Beginners Step by Step

Seal drawing easy for beginners step by step. Friends do talk about seal animals that you may already know. The seal is a rapacious warm-blooded creature that generally benefits from fish, squid, shellfish, scavengers, or ocean birds. A few, similar to the panther seal, eat different types of seals. Seals primarily live in the water, they just come aground to mate, conceive offspring, shed or break from hunters, for example, orca whales and sharks. I want that you will be able to make this drawing easily, with the help of this tutorial. Some steps have been given to make this drawing, in which some important things have been mentioned, and the video of this drawing has also been given a tutorial, which is a very huge demand.

The seal is very easy to draw. If you want, you can draw. And if you want and are having difficulty in drawing, then you read this tutorial better and see the video tutorial of this drawing which we have given.

Seal Drawing

Friends, you must have heard the name of this seal animal. But I want to tell you that I have provided the drawing of this animal for the first time in this blog. If you like this drawing, then you must share this blog post and tell it by commenting. Few steps are given below, If you want to draw a Seal drawing, So you have to read the steps given below.

Step:1 Draw Two Cone Shape

So friends, to make this drawing, initially we have to draw two cones. First of all, we have to draw a shape like a triangle, after that we have to draw a circle with the shape of both the triangles. The size of both the circles will also be different, you can see in the image of this drawing that we have given in this step.

Step:2 Draw Line of Series to joint the Parts of Seal

seal drawing

Now we have to draw some lines in which you have to draw its body by mixing the parts of these two cones. After that, you have to draw the shape of its Flippers. With the help of lines, you also have to draw its neck. I hope you understand what you want to know about this drawing.

Step:3 Draw Face of Seal

Now you have to draw the face of the seal, which is very easy. To draw its face, first of all, you have to draw the structure of the face, if you tell me in the native language, then you have to draw the shape of its face first of all. Now I want to draw parts of his face, like its eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.

Step:4 Draw Flipper of Seal

seal drawing

So friends, now we have to draw the flipper of the seal as you can see in this step image. Earlier we had drawn the shape of its flipper and now we have drawn it completely. You have to draw very carefully because if there is any problem in the shape, then the drawing will not look as attractive as you are seeing in the image of this step.

Step:5 Now you have to erase the Guidelines

So, friends, you will be able to see in this step image how we have completely eliminated it by erasing the guidelines in it.

Step:6 Seal Drawing has been made

seal drawing

Now we have to sketch after erasing the guidelines. The sketch is very important in this drawing, I hope you all have understood how to make this drawing. If you do not know how to sketch, you can see in this blog.

Watch the Video of Seal Drawing