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Shell drawing in Five Steps

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  • January 12, 2022April 8, 2022
shell drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided a shell drawing for all of you. To make this drawing, you need some material, which you can find out from the information given in this article. I hope you all have understood this. In this article, we have provided five steps. Read all the steps carefully so that you know how to make this drawing. Like every time, we have provided stepwise images of this drawing, so that you will be able to make this drawing easier.

Shell Drawing

So friends, whatever material you will need to make this drawing, it is being told to you in this paragraph. To make this you will need a shading pencil. I hope you can understand my point. Below are five steps to make this drawing. Read all the steps carefully and make this drawing.

Step:1 Draw Shape of Shell

shell drawing

So friends, now we have to draw the shape of the shell. The shape has to be drawn very carefully, there should not be any mistake in drawing the shape. If there is any mistake in drawing the shape then after drawing it will look very bad.

Step:2 Shade on the left Shell

shell drawing

So guys now we have to sketch in the left shell. If you do not know how to sketch, then you can go to the homepage of this blog and watch the video by searching. I hope you understand by this point.

Step:3 Draw shape of Right shell

Shell drawing in Five Steps

Now you have to draw the shape of the right side shell. Draw the shape very carefully otherwise this drawing will not look good.

Step:4 Draw the proper right shell

Shell drawing in Five Steps

Now draw the proper right shell. I hope you understand what i want to say.

Step:5 Shell Drawing has been made

shell drawing

So friends, Now the shell drawing has been made, I hope you understand and like this drawing. In the last, you have to sketch in all the shells. If you have any doubt about this you have to comment on this blog post.

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