Simba drawing | Easiest Sketch of Lion Drawing

Introduction -Today we will make a drawing of a lion. Lion is the king of the jungle. All animals have a king who is also very big. It is the mightiest animal of all animals. We will make it in a simple way with the help of a pencil, whose neck hair is very long and looks very awesome and good to see. that is walking. In this position, we will make the lion(Simba Drawing).

Will pay a lot of attention to his eyes and mouth. Whose tail is very good, it is very beautiful to see. Different species of lions are found but I said that they drink alcohol and are brown in color, and have a lot of hair in their body, they kill and eat other animals. This Can kill anyone and eat. Their normal food is meat. We will build this city in a simple way. Which runs at a speed of about 80 km per hour.

Material Used in This Simba Drawing

Simba Drawing

The material used- To make a Simba Drawing, we simply need a pencil, an eraser, and a cutter. And we will make it on a white sweet hai par.

Step:1Draw The Mouth of Lion(Simba Drawing)

Simba Drawing, If the Simba’s mouth is raised forward and the eyes are inward, then we will hold the pencil with light hands and run it. First of all, move the pencil to the left side While showing Simba Drawing, run for about one and a half centimeters, after that, slightly lowering the tip of the pencil, show it inwards and then come out from the same pattern.

Then run the pencil a little down as you can give in the Simba drawing. Yes, but there is a holiday, and the price of the nose is doubled. They make a hole a small one. From where we started with the pencil, we make the eye of the lion, for which we make a small mark and double it.

Step:2 Draw the Hairs of Lion

There is a lot of hair on the lion’s face. We run the pencil lightly and densely from the forehead just above where the eye was made with the pencil. Then move the pencil downwards in a parabolic shape, in the same way, draw the pencil for about 3 cm long, then draw it away from the eye, and draw the ear. For this, we move the pencil as you can see.

For this, we move the pencil as you can see. We will make it in a puffy way with the help of a pencil. A small cut will be made on his face near the nose and near the mine, the pencil will run as a coat and make small dots near his mustache and make a long, light me.

Step:3 Draw the Puff of Lion

Now we will move the pencil right through the middle of the lion’s hair and draw a straight line about 9 cm on the page, after 9 cm we will tilt the pencil in a parabolic downward. Taking the heart, we will lift it upwards in the shape of a U.

Now the luck which is raised in shape, we will double it by giving a gap of 1 mm, then we will make its back part puffy which is the tail of the lion. With the help of a pencil, we will make the part very thick and we will give it the size of a dome. Will make his back uplifted, in a simple way take him backward.

Step:4 Now we have to sketch

Now with a pencil, we will draw the four legs of the city. We will make the legs from the top of the tail part at the back. You slowly bring them down from him and then take them toward the front. While doing so, they take you forward and then take you back. Will draw 8 lines and join them in the middle of the four, will make the legs of the lion as if the matter is going on.

It will be made as if it seems that the leg of the lion has come on one side and is completely in 2D view. shape the bottom of her legs. We will join all the feet below near the feet, the gap between the upper parts of the feet should be more and the gap between the lower part will be reduced.

Step:5 Finally We Have Sketch in Simba Drawing

In this step, we will make the paws of the lion(Simba Drawing). We will mix the lower part of his leg, then we will take out the nails from them, while setting this thing well, we will move the pencil lightly. Will make her nails sharp and shade them well shading her body hair.

Due to this, it seems that there are wrinkles on the lion’s face and the lion is looking angry, which will make the hair of its neck very thick and hairy. which will be spread across Will do the setting of his tail well, and will draw two small lines under the eyes and near the nose. The lower part of his neck may not be visible at all.

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