Simple Cat Drawing In 3 Steps | Easy Drawing For Kids

Simple Cat Drawing, Friends, today we are going to make a cat. We will make a kitty cat. Which is pink colored. The one who has a ribbon on his head and the ears are very big, the eyes are also very big, which are shining, this Simple Cat Drawing is a cartoonist. Who is sitting in a simple position, whose both hands are forward, nearby we will also make a pink-colored heart, its ears erect? that looks pretty cool.

We will draw the cat with the help of a pencil and pink color. There are many species of cats in the world, and there are many colors in the world, but the cat will be a kitty cat and will be in a cartoon model. Which is giving look like a teddy bear.

Material Used In This Simple Cat Drawing

The material used – To make the cat, you need a pencil, a sharpener, and an eraser. The white sheet on which to draw the cat along with wax colors to color it.

To make it, we will follow some simple steps which are as follows.

Step:1 Draw Circle

simple cat drawing

First of all, make a simple seat cat. Let’s start with the head of the cat. First of all, by hitting the center at one place, we run the pencil while tilting it lightly, here we make the shape of the ear. For which a cone shape is given by bending the cancel at 45 angles. And then bring the pencil downwards and round it, similarly drawing the pencil on the other side as you can see in the Simple drawing Drawing.

Moving the pencil, bring it down to make the shape of the toes. On the other side, draw a tail as well. And run the pencil well on all these parts. The shape of the particle is made equal by both sidewalls. It is made in such a way that it is closed from all sides. After this, we darken the outer boundary wall. Similarly, we do this whole process with the very trick equation. In the opposite direction, make a ribbon near the cat’s ear. Which looks like Delhi’s ear has been tied with a ribbon.

Step:2 Internal structure of cat

Simple Cat Drawing In 3 Steps | Easy Drawing For Kids

After making Cat’s outrage structure, now we are making Cat’s tunnel structure. In this, we double the ribbon from both sides and tie it together as it is actually a ribbon. The cat’s eyes are made which are very big and shining and are made in oval shape and both are equal to each other. The lower cat’s legs are enlarged to appear as if they are the cat’s forelimbs.

Make the cat’s mouth as if it is open, for this makes it well by moving the pencil slowly. just above the mouth make a small nose which is in the form of a dot The eyebrows above the eyes are shown as open and the two long cat eyebrow hairs on the side are shining.

Double the ear by drawing a line from the inside so that it is part of the inner cat’s ear. Well-made cat ears. connect the cat’s nose and mouth by a line. As in the actual cat. Make one more line on the side below the eyes and make the rest of the oval and make two more dots in the middle of the eye. I hope you understand this step of Simple Cat Drawing.

Step:3 Cat’s Colouring

simple cat drawing

Simply we paint the cat with wax color. We double the structure of the Simple cat Drawing that we made with pencil the black marker. The outer side of the ribbon attached to the cat’s ear is colored with dark pink color and the inner side is colored with light pink color. The ears of both sides of the cat are colored with dark pink color and the center of the cat’s face is also colored lightly with dark pink color.

The lower part of the cat’s eye is colored with light blue color and the middle part is black color leaving two dots between the two eyes which remain white. The same work is done in both eyes. Now the rest of the cat is colored with light pink color and the heart near the cat is colored with dark pink color.

Run a light pink color only on the edges of the lower part of the cat, leaving the middle part blank like this. Now our cat is ready which is a kitty cat. While making this, we should run the pencil well, and while coloring, we should run the hand cleanly. I hope you like this Simple Cat Drawing.

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