Simple Girl drawing, Hi, friends welcome to today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I am going to tell you the sketch of the simple girl. I had also told about a girl with a butterfly sketch in the previous post. You liked that post very much, so I have brought such posts again. You will also like this post very much. I told you a very simple way to make a girl: In this post. Which you will understand very well. This drawing is very easy to make and you will definitely like it. To make this drawing, read the steps given below.

Simple Girl Drawing

You have been given some steps to make this drawing. If you follow them well, then you can make this drawing from the simpler seat. How can you make a girl’s face in silver? Can understand this very well in this post. I hope you like this article.

Step:1 First You have intersected the lines

Simple Girl Drawing | Pencil Sketch of Girl With Butterfly

So, guys, you have to intersect some lines to make the face of the girl’s drawing. To make all sketches, it is best to make it easy to make sketches. To makes a girl’s face in this sketch, first you have to draw some lines. Which you can draw with the help of the image given below. Follow the images to draw lines. With which you can make face with good shape. You will have to pull these lines very carefully. With this, you have to set the face of the girl.

Step:2 Now Draw the Face and Eyes of Simple Girl Drawing

Simple Girl Drawing | Pencil Sketch of Girl With Butterfly

The most important thing is to keep a face. If the shape of the face is spoiled, then the whole sketch is spoiled. For this, you will have to create a structure first. With the help of this, now we will make the shape of the face of the girl well. And with the shape of the face, the eyes of the girl will also have to be made. The girl’s eyes are closed. For this, you have to make closed eyes. Only you have to make a girl’s eyelashes carefully.

Step:3 You have to draw the Nose and Lips of the girl

Simple Girl Drawing | Pencil Sketch of Girl With Butterfly

In this step, you have to draw a nose and lips. You must all know that the lips of a girl’s face are her lips. The shape of the eyes, nose, lips of a girl’s face are a part of her face. Which gives a different look to the girl’s face. With the help of the structure made, you have to make the lips and nose of the girl. So that you can make it well.

Step:4 Draw the hairs of the girl

Simple Girl Drawing | Pencil Sketch of Girl With Butterfly

In this, you have to draw hairs. Which is an important part of this sketch. Her beautiful beauty gets a new look from the girl’s hair. The girl’s hair identifies the girl. It is a part of its beauty. In this, after drawing the girl’s hair, you have to rub the extra lines with the structure. Which helped to make your drawing.

Step:5 Now our Simple Girl Sketch is done

Simple Girl Drawing | Pencil Sketch of Girl With Butterfly

This is your last and important step. After this step, your sketch will be completed. In this case, you have to do good sketching on the girl first. Then you have to set the face sketch properly with the help of a blending stump. So that your sketch will be set well. In place of blending stump, you can also use cotton buds, tissue paper, etc. With which you can blend your sketch very well. Now finally you will have to sketch a draw from the girl’s hair. And a butterfly clip will also have to be made in the hair. In that butterfly, you have to color yellow. So that it can look different from hair. I hope you liked this sketch very much.

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