Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Simple Lion Drawing for all of you. Friends, many drawings related to Lion have already been published on this blog. I hope you all will be able to make this drawing easily. Friends, in this drawing, the head of the lion is on the left side. In this, you have to draw a moving lion, which looks very cool. This drawing is drawn with just a pencil. Very easily drawn. This animal is shown by drawing in four steps. Hope you all have understood everything till now. If you want to see such an easy drawing on our blog, then do notify us on our blog.

A video tutorial is also provided at the end of this article. In the video tutorial, you will be able to see how this drawing has been made. Hope you all will be able to make this drawing well in one go. If you want to make this drawing, then follow all the given steps carefully. Also must watch the given video tutorial because after watching the video you will get to know practically how this lion is drawn.

Simple Lion Drawing

If you have come to this article, then all of you will be very keen to know that what material can be needed to make this drawing. To make this drawing you must first have a drawing sheet, eraser, HB pencil, and sharpener. Some steps are given below, do not forget to read them. hope you like this article.

Step:1 Start Draw with Lion Head

Simple Lion Drawing in Four Steps

Friends, first of all, we have to draw the head of the lion. First of all, we have to draw the shape of its mouth to draw the head. After that, we have to draw its eyes, nose, and mouth. hope you understand by now.

Step:2 Now draw Ears and Mane of Lion

Simple Lion Drawing


Now we have to draw the lion’s ear and mane. The ears are very easy to draw. To draw a mane, you have to draw a shape. Hope you will make it easier. Friends, very carefully you have to draw the mane by drawing curved lines.

Step:3 Now Draw the body of Lion

Simple Lion Drawing

So friends, now we have to draw the body of the lion. In the body of the lion, we have to draw its back, after that, we have to draw its legs. Let us draw its feet in such a way that we should feel that the lion is walking.

Step:4 Lion Drawing has been made

Simple Lion Drawing

So, friends, the Simple lion drawing has been made properly. In the last, we have to draw the feet of the lion and the tail of the lion. This drawing is very amazing.

Watch the Video of Lion Drawing