Simple Unicorn Drawing | Easy Drawing For Kids in Five Steps

Simple Unicorn Drawing, Hello friends, welcome back to my today’s blog post. As always, I have taken some similar drawing of yours. Which you will like very much. I hope you all have read my previous blog posts. I have told you many drawings of unicorns. You must have understood and liked them. I have given you many such unicorn easy drawings, unicorn head drawings, unicorn face drawings, similar drawings in post. In the same way, today I have brought a simple drawing of a unicorn for you. In that, I am going to tell you how you can make a simple unicorn drawing.

Simple Unicorn Drawing

So friends today, I will tell you to draw a simple drawing of a unicorn. You will understand this very well and you will also like to make it. I am going to understand how to make this drawing with some instructions and some steps. For this, some steps have been given below. Which you have to understand well. Along with the steps, you have been given some steps image below.

Step:1 First draw Face and Eye of the Unicorn

simple unicorn drawing

So friend I will tell you how you will start drawing this drawing. To make this drawing, you must first draw the eye of the unicorn. You have to make a small circle to make an eye. And inside it, a very small circle is made. As you all must know, the eyes are black. And there is a small white circle inside it. Like this, you have to draw its eye properly. After drawing them, you have to make his face figure. And you will have to make a nose and mouth of a unicorn in it. You have to draw a small circle to make your nose. And to make the mouth, a simple and small line has to be drawn. With this, your first step will be completed. And this has to be done in the entire proper way.

Step:2 You have to draw Ear and Horn (Simple Unicorn Drawing)

Simple Unicorn Drawing | Easy Drawing For Kids in Five Steps

In this step, you have to complete this step with the help of the face figure created in the previous step. In this, you will have the ear and horn of a unicorn. For which you have to read this step carefully. You have to draw the same double lines to make a unicorn ear in it. You can take help of the step image below that how you want to draw.

Step:3 Draw the Mane and the Legs of the Unicorn

Simple Unicorn Drawing | Easy Drawing For Kids in Five Steps

Now you have to become a unicorn in this step. And while drawing his full body. Its four legs have to be drawn carefully. Because this is important for this image. You have to make them attention. Because in this step you have to make a complete body. And you can take the help of the step image given below to make this step.

Step:4 Now Draw the tail of the Unicorn

simple unicorn drawing

This is your last step in this drawing. In this, you have to make the tail of a unicorn. To make it, you can make double lines and see the image given below. And I hope you have liked this blog post.

Watch the video of the Simple Unicorn Drawing