Sketch Art Drawing(Tree) For Beginners #Sketching #shading

Hello, friends, All of you are welcome in today’s blog post(Sketch Art Drawing). This post of today is especially for beginners. Friends, I hope you like this post very much. In this post, I have provided Landscape Drawing which is looking great.

The video tutorial of this drawing has also been provided to you. By the time you can make a drawing by watching this video because watching the video can make drawing a lot easier for friends. So friends, in today’s blog post, I also have you the material Name in this drawing. Friends, you must read this article from the beginning to the end, so that you can understand some basic points of this drawing. So friends let’s start.

How to Sketch in this Art Drawing

Sketch Art Drawing

Materials Required: 1. Whitepaper,  6B & 8B Pencil, Kneaded Eraser.

Friends, drawing this drawing is very easy, just if you have a mind to make a drawing(Sketch Art), then this drawing will be very easy for you. Now I am telling you some points which you can probably make this drawing easier by reading.

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So friends, first you have to draw this tree, that is to draw the shape of this tree. After drawing the shape of the tree, you have to do the shading in it. Shading tutorial will be available to you in the video. After that you will have to create a Landscape drawing in it by looking at everything in the video you can create this drawing with a very good idea.

Watch in the Following Video


This video has been given to you so that you can make this drawing(Sketch Art drawing) a great deal and you do not have any problem in making this drawing.

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