Spider Man Drawing in 5 Steps

Spider Man Drawing, Friends, today we will make a spider-man drawing. We will use basically red and black colors in its picture. Spider-Man is a character from Marvel who has superpowers. It has the superpower to walk on the wall like a spider and to remove more than the hands, this character is a prevalent character. Or wears a red colored costume all over his body.

Today we will make someone’s drawing in a simple way with the help of pencil and color, which looks very lovely. About 15 movies have been made on this character. In this character’s personality, his eyes are huge and his body looks fit in the above costume. Today we will draw someone with the help of pencil and color. I hope you like this Spider Man Drawing easily.

What type of material is used in Spider Man Drawing?

spider man drawing

To make it simple we need a pencil and an eraser and a sharpener, to color it we will use wax color and we will use white sheet paper, we will use a black marker. You can check all the steps which is properly guide you how to draw Spider man.

Step:1 Firstly Draw the Head of Spider Man

First of all, we will take the seat paper and with the help of a pencil, make the head of the Spiderman drawing and its eye, for which we will move the pencil upwards while running in the oval set. How will the circle be oval, which we will bring back to the same place while keeping the pencil downwards and moving it in the oval above?

After that, we will make the eyes of the above Spider-Man drawing. For this, the eyes are petal-like and are very large, for which we will keep the cancel and take it to the side and bring it back and do the same process again. Below the neck area, we draw straight mirror lines on both sides with a pencil, which come down as soon as they touch the head area of this Spiderman Drawing.

Step:2 Draw the Central Part of the Body

In this state, we will draw the lower part of the neck of the spider-man drawing, for this we will bring the pencil down a little from one side of the oval we made.

We will send back and call him on the left side, after that we will bring him down because the body is very fit, for this, we will cut his body and show him, For which we will make small cuts with the help of a pencil, similarly we will do the same in the other hand, for the fingers, we will make five fingers in a very good way.

We would make the fingers of his hands slightly slanted. If he is standing in a standing position, then we will make both his hands fit in this Spider man sketch.

Step:3 Draw the legs and feet of Spider Man

Now in this step, we will make its legs and feet, for which we will move the pencil down along the waist by bringing it straight down from the upper part. Similarly, we will bring the other side down in a straight way from us(Spider Man Drawing).

Now we are going to do all this work by moving the claw part of it lightly with the help of a pencil. Show her lightning the pencil to make her legs.

Will move the pencil a little at the knee, then why after that who is wearing the costume? On its inside, we will run the pencil in a V shape. To make the toenails, let us make the pencil slowly in the right way in this Spider Man Drawing.

Step:4 Draw the Spider in the Middle of Chest

The spider-man character is senior to the spider character, for this we will draw a spider drawing in the middle of his chest, and for this, we will draw a small circle. He will have five or six thin legs on all four sides, after which draw lines on both sides of the head with a pencil in a B shape of this Spider Man Drawing.

Similarly, we will make a belt-like drawing on her waist with a straight line. And his entire customer will draw diagonal lines which is the design of his costume. In his question, straight and agricultural cross lines lie in the whole part, the rest of his chest and hands will divide the father in a straight line divided manner as you can see in the Spider Man drawing.

Step:5 Now We have to fill in the colours

While coloring its head part with red color, we will walk while chatting slowly, leaving the place where its eyes are empty, and color it lightly with black color on its edge of this Spider Man Drawing.

And we will color his legs, which are tiger till the part of the feet and knees, with bed color, the rest of whose side we will color you and his hands with red color. And will color the middle part of it with blue color, he will also color the part below the knees with blue color. We will paint the spider web on his chest black color of this Spider Man Drawing.

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