Statue of Liberty Drawing | Easy Way to draw in Three Steps

Statue of Liberty Drawing, Hii friends, I have come back to my blog post by taking a new and special drawing. Today’s drawing is such that children will also be interested in making it and will be able to make a drawing from it. Today’s blog post is more connected to children. In today’s post, we will tell you about the Famous Statue. By the way, you must have understood from the title. We are drawing the Statue of Liberty today. Famous people and all of them are also well-known. I hope you will like this blog post.

Statue of Liberty Drawing

So friends, today I am going to tell you about how to make a Statue of Liberty drawing. But along with drawing, everyone should know some things about it. So first I want to tell you a few things about it. You can read the article written in this blog post in a good way because it will increase your knowledge and you will be able to make this drawing also. The Statue of Liberty is a famous statue in this world. This statue is made in New York. The length of this statue is 93 meters. It has a flashlight in one hand and a tablet in the other hand. Now we will start making this drawing. It is very easy to make.

Step1: First draw the Face of the Statue

ststue of liberty

To make this statue drawing, first, you have to draw the face of this statue. There is no big deal in making its face. Just like we draw the face of all other drawing pictures, we have to draw this as well. The first is to draw a face figure and make eye, nose, and mouth in it.  After the complete draw of the face, you have to draw with the crown on its head in a good shape. You can also take the help of the step image given below.

Step2: Now draw the Hand of the Statue with a Torch

Statue of Liberty Drawing | Easy Way to draw in Three Steps

In this step, you have to give the hands of the Statue. The right hand of the statue is raised upwards. And Statues are a torch in hand. Which you have to make well and carefully. I hope you all can make this drawing good. I have given you step images so that you do not have any problem making this drawing. And along with step images, you have also been given a video tutorial below. With help, you can make this drawing even better.

Step3: Your statue has been completed

statue of liberty drawing

This is your last step. In this, you have to complete the statue. In this step, you will have to complete the remaining part of the Statue by drawing it properly. To complete the statue, you have to draw its full dress properly. The dress that the Statue wore: You have to complete it from good to low. After drawing the Statue below, you have to draw the stand of the Statue. And then the other hand of the statue will have to be drawn properly. There is a tablet in the second hand of the statue, you also have to complete this drawing to draw it properly. After that, the drawing of your statue will be completed. I hope you like most this article.

Watch the video of the Statue of Liberty