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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post I have provided Thanos drawing for all of you. Hope you all like this post very much. You may be wondering how you will find out how to make this drawing, do not worry, I have given the video tutorial of this drawing below so that you all know how to make this drawing. This article has been specially made for beginners so that those who want to be good at drawing. And this article and improve their drawing. Friends, if you want you can easily make this drawing without any problem, then you should read this article from the beginning to the end and do not forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

How to Make Thanos Drawing

thanos drawing


Friends, after looking at the image of this drawing, you can think about how much time it would have taken to make this drawing, it depends on your drawing, how much time you will take to make this drawing. I hope you all have understood by this point. I will keep trying to upload one to two posts daily for you so that you do not work on our blog, so keep coming to our blog, daily latest updates will keep coming to you.

Below this paragraph is the video tutorial of this Thanos drawing, do not forget to watch that video, if you have not seen your video, you will not be able to know practically how this drawing has been anything. you read this article well and do not forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

Watch in the Following Video

source-YouTube/Sourav joshi Arts

Watching video tutorials and reading this article is both helpful for you.

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how to draw thanos

How to Draw Thanos Step by Step #thanos

Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post. Today in this blog post, I will tell you How to draw Thanos step by step. I will also tell you what is the method of making this drawing and what material will be used in it. Friends, I hope this article will be very much like you and you must tell me by commenting. This drawing is made from a very good line. it’s video tutorial I have given you below so that you do not have trouble creating this (how to draw thanos)drawing. If you want you to understand all the steps in this drawing, then you can read this article from the beginning to the end. Let’s Start friends.

How to draw Thanos

how to draw thanos


Required Materials: Faber Castel black Marker only.

You can create this drawing with the need for this material. So, friends, I’m going to clear some steps in it because you can clear some steps in which I will clear you, which can cause some mistakes in the drawing. First of all, friends, you have to draw the shape of this face in it. After drawing the shape of the face, you have to draw its face part. I’m not going to tell you anything. You will be able to create this drawing more by looking at the lower video tutorial, so I have given you a video tutorial in this drawing.

Watch in the following video


This I have provided you with video tutorials for how to draw Thanos drawing. Friends, I want you to share this video as much as possible so that such great information can reach far away. And also share this blog post by clicking the share button.

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