shahrukh khan sketch

Shahrukh Khan Sketch-Step by Step Sketching

Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post(Shahrukh Khan sketch). Today I feel all my Shah Rukh Khan fans from this post will be very happy with this post. And it is my duty that I am happy with all the Visitors who have visited my blog regularly. And who have visit first time in my blog(Shahrukh Khan sketch). Today in this blog post you will find the right way to make this drawing And what materials will be needed in this drawing. If you want to know how to make this drawing so please you must read my this post at last.

Let’s talk about its sketch

I have provided this sketch for you because the information like me is given to blogs in very few bloggers, so I thought why not give some different information to the people so that my knowledge can benefit some people. I want people to like my blog so that I get better information for you. So friends, if you want me to keep uploading posts like this for you, then you keep commenting on me that I should get a corner drawing or sketch for you in the next post. In the next paragraph, I will tell you how to draw a Shahrukh Khan sketch.

How to draw Shahrukh Khan

shahrukh khan sketch


Material Used: Camlin Pencil, HB, 2B, 4B&6B Artline Pencil

First of all, in this sketch, I will tell you what is the use of a pencil. First of all, you have to make an outline of Shahrukh’s face, In the outline of the face, you have to do it with a Camlin pencil. The outline is exactly what you need to do in the face of Shahrukh, you have to create an outline keeping in mind the shape of his face. After that, you have to do shade on Shahrukh’s face. After that, you have to use HB and 2B pencil for light shading area and you have to use 4B and 6B pencil for dark shading area. Friends, our sketch drawing is finished on this.

Let’s talk about Shahrukh Khan: He is born on November 2, 1965, Delhi, India, he is also an Indian actor.

Watch in the following video

I have provided this video for you so that your drawing skills come into the Improvement and you do not have any problem in making this drawing.

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shahrukh khan drawing

Shahrukh khan drawing-step by step


Hello friends welcome to today’s blog post In today’s blog post, you have provided a drawing of your favorite talented and king of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. By the way, Shah Rukh Khan is very spectacular in drawing and is as easy as it is. So Friends In this blog post, I have also provided a video tutorial for you.

Video of this Shahrukh Khan drawing on the pencil work channel has been uploaded.

Let us know how this drawing has been made and what material has been used for this Shahrukh khan drawing.

How to made Shahrukh Khan drawing

HP, 2H, 3H, 5H, 6H, and 7H ERASER to create this drawing. CHARCOAL POWDER BLENDING STUMPS COLOR PENCILS SOFT COLOUR PASTELS Graphite pencil is used.

Video Tutorial



Click here to download video

Shah rukh Khan is a very big actor of the Bollywood industry and also called the King of Bollywood. However (conceived Shahrukh Khan; 2 November 1965), additionally known by the initialism SRK, is an Indian performing artist, film maker, and TV character. Alluded to in the media as the “Badshah of Bollywood”, “Ruler of Bollywood” and “Lord Khan”, he has showed up in excess of 80 Bollywood movies, and earned various honors, including 14 Filmfare Awards. For his commitments to film, the Government of India respected him with the Padma Shri, and the Government of France granted him both the Orderes Arts Letters and the Légion d’honneur. Khan has a huge following in Asia and the Indian diaspora around the world. As far as crowd size and salary, he has been depicted as a standout amongst the best film stars on the planet., people of India know this, but if a Foreigner visits my website then I have given all this information about Shah rukh Khan. And if anyone wants to get even more information then he can search on Wikipedia about Shah Rukh Khan.

I have provided two video tutorials for drawing in my blog post. You liked the drawing of the video. You can try it by trying it out and if your drawing does not become as if you are thinking of yourself, then do not be sad in your mind and repeatedly Trying Up Once upon a time, your drawing will be successful.

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