drawing of a boy

Drawing of a Boy | Boy Drawing Easy Full Tutorial

boy drawing easy Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today in this blog post I have provided a drawing of a boy for you all. There are some steps to make this drawing, which is very important. By the way, if all of you want to see the drawing on the new year, then you can see it by searching in this blog. For some days, the posts on our blog were not being uploaded due to some problems which were the problem in our blog. So friends, now all the problems have been corrected. Then you will get to see the posts on our blog daily and we will keep updating the blog as before. I hope you all like this blog post. The Video tutorial is also provide given in the last.

Let’s Talk About this Drawing of a Boy

So friends as you would know that I have provided boy drawing in this blog post. To draw this boy picture you have to need some material. You have to go in the description of the video tutorial of this drawing to know about the material used in this drawing. If you want to draw this picture you have to read the full article and watch the video tutorial also. Few Steps are given below.

Step:1 First You Have to Draw Some GuideLine

drawing of a boy

So friends, this is the first step of this drawing. In this steps first you have to draw the some guidelines to draw the Drawing of a Boy. I hope you have to understand about this drawing.

Step:2 Draw Hairs and Mask of the Boy

Now you have to draw the hairs and mask of the boy. To draw the hair you have to use HB pencil and Draw lightly the hairs. After that draw the shape of the mask.

Step:3 Now you have to draw Hoodie of the Boy

drawing of a boy

So friends, Now draw the hoodie of the boy. To draw the hoodie you have to draw the shape and Cap of Hoodie. In the last you have to draw the Hoodie Laces. I hope you understand what i want to explain in this blog post.boy drawing easy.

Step:4 Now draw the Eyes of Boy

So friends, Now you have to draw the eyes of boy. To draw the eyes First you have to draw the shape of eyes. After that draw the Eye lashes. Then Draw the black part of Both Eyes.

Step:5 Drawing of Boy Has Been Made

drawing of a boy

So, The drawing of a Boy is now complete. In this step you have to sketch. If you not able to sketch in this drawing you have to practice of sketch.

Watch the Video (Drawing of a Boy)

So Guys, This is the video instructional exercise of this drawing. I trust you like this video instructional exercise and blog entry of this drawing.

Boy Easy Drawing

Boy Easy drawing | How to Draw a Cute Boy Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post I have provided Boy Easy Drawing for all of you. Friends, you can make this drawing very easily. By the way, by seeing the title and thumbnail of this blog post, you must have understood what kind of drawing I have provided in this post. The stepwise method has been provided to make this drawing. If you see, it will be very easy to make a drawing. I hope all of you will be able to make this Boy Easy Drawing and you will also like this article.

The information of all the materials that will be required to make this drawing is given below. If you want to make this drawing, then definitely read this article from beginning to end and understand the steps given below.

Boy Easy Drawing Steps

To make this Boy Easy drawing, friends, I have all of you explained in the steps below. We have given steps of this Boy Easy Drawing so that you can make this drawing easily.

Step:1 Draw Eyes of Boy


So guys, now we have to draw this boy’s eye. Very easily you can draw this boy’s eye. To draw its eye, we have to first draw two small circles of its eye size. After that, we have to draw two circles in both circles. The top circle we draw inside the eye will draw a big one and the bottom circle will draw a small circle. After this, we have to sketch black, in which place other than both circles in the eye.

Step:2 Draw Hair and Face Shape of Boy


So friends, now we have to draw the shape of this boy’s hair and face. This is not a sketch drawing, so I would like to tell you not to do sketching in it. The way in which the way of drawing is described in this article, just follow it and this drawing will be drawn very well. So now we have to draw the shape of its face, which is much easier. While drawing the shape of its face, one thing must be kept in mind that the shape is not to be drawn incorrectly. The way you are understanding in the steps of this drawing, you have to make the drawing in exactly the same way.

Step:3 Draw Ears and Mouth of Boy


So guys, now we have to draw both the ears and the mouth of this boy. This step is the easiest step in this drawing. I hope you all have understood by this point. If you have understood up to here, then the last step is left, definitely read it so that you can draw the drawing completely.

Step:4 Boy Easy Drawing has been made


So friends, now this drawing is complete. At the end of this drawing, we just drew half of this boy’s T-shirt. Expectation you enjoyed this article. You can remark on this how would you like this article. In the event that you have not yet told the warnings of our web journals, at that point get the most recent take-up you first and you can appreciate it first. Much obliged to you folks for the following post in the following post-bye.

Watch video Boy Easy drawing

how to draw a boy

How to draw a Boy Step by Step #Drawing

Hello, friends, All of you are welcome in a blog post from today. Today I have provided a boy’s drawing for you in my article(How to Draw a Boy). In this post, I will explain Step by Step about this drawing. I’ve given you this drawing video tutorial below. Boy drawing is very easy to draw. This drawing is so easy to make. Friends, I uploaded a Lamborghini car drawing post before you. Friends, I hope you will love this post today. If you read this article from start to finish till the end, so that you understand all the steps in this post and you can easily draw this drawing, So Friends Let’s Start.

How to draw Boy Step by Step

So friends, to make this drawing, first you have to follow the steps given below.

Materials: Doms Pencil

Step:1 Draw Front side of Face Shape

how to draw a boy


In this drawing, first, you have to draw a boy’s face shape. When making the shape of its face, you have to take a lot of attention to note that the shape of the shape is to draw the shape of the shape and lip. I hope you have understood everything now. Let’s go to the next Step.

Step:2 Draw Lens of Eye


Friends, now you have to draw the lens of its eye. It is very easy to draw.

Step:3 Draw Eyebrow


Now you have to draw its eyebrow, To draw eyebrows you have to do shade with dark pencil on Eyebrows. You can draw and draw a picture of how to draw eyebrows in the video below. So friends, if you have understood everything in this drawing so you can go to the next step and read.

Step:4 Draw Hairs of Boy

How to draw a boy


Now you have to draw this boy’s hair. It is very simple how to draw its hair.

Step:5 Draw Boy’s Ear


After this, you guys have to draw this boy’s ear. It is very easy to draw your ear if you still have trouble drawing, then you can draw the ear in the video given below.

Step:6 Draw Its T-Shirt Collar

How to draw a boy


Friends, now you have to draw the Collar of this boy’s t-shirt.

Step:7 Draw Full T-Shirt of this Boy


Friends, after that you have to draw its entire T-shirt till the bottom. I mean to draw it to the shoulder.

Step:8 Now Finish this Drawing

how to draw a boy


Friends, our job is to just do the job of shading in this drawing. Well, this video of this drawing has given way to do the shading but I can explain to you how to do the shading, Friends, you have to cut the pencil on the earbuds and do as a shade of its drawing.

Watch in the following video How to draw a Boy

source-youtube/Farjana Drawing Academy

Friends, I have given you this drawing video because if you have trouble understanding the art of this drawing then you can make your drawing by watching this video. Many thanks to you all thank you very much for reading this article of our blog, by leaving my time, I hope you liked this blog post, let us know by giving comments, and definitely notifying our blog’s notifications so that the latest updates from the drawings first Came to you…

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