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Cube Rubik drawing-Step by Step vkarts

Hello friends how are you all I hope you will be good. You are most welcome in today’s blog post. I have provided a 3d drawing for you in this post. Which is the Rubik cube drawing and very beautiful drawing. In this drawing, I will tell you what material has been used in it. And how it will be the drawn. In this post, I have got you Video tutorial available below. So that you will not have trouble creating this drawing. Rubik cube is very easy to draw(Rubik’s cube). I will try my best to understand everything in my every post. So friends, if you want to know how this drawing has been made, read this post from start to finish, and see it. So let’s start. 

To create this drawing you will need a 2B & 6B pencil and a black marker.

How to draw Rubik Cube

To make this drawing, you have to follow the following 6 steps.

Step:1 First you have to draw Cube

cube rubik


First, you have to draw this cube. This cube has to draw very carefully as I have got you provided in this image. Its shape should be exactly as it is in this image, its size can be kept according to your own.

Step:2 Draw Intersect Line on Rubik Cube


Now you have to draw an intersection line inside this cube which is very easy. The harder it seems in this drawing, the easier it is to make it just the way you make it. The line should be exactly what is inside this image.

Step:3 Fill Black Colour in Rubik Cube Boxes

Cube rubik


After that, you have to fill the black color in their box. You have to first mark the box on which the color you want to color. After that, you have to fill colour. Colour is to be carefully filled so that the colour can not get out of the box.

Step:4  Draw Shadow of Cube

Cube Rubik


After that, you have to draw the shadow of this cube. Shadow will be very easy to draw. You just have to do the shading. If you do not understand the left side of the cube, then you should see in the video tutorial how its shadow is drawn.

Step:5  Cut the paper slightly above by Scissor


After that you have to cut this paper a bit, not just cut the cube from the cube’s shape should appear.

Step:6 Complete the Drawing

cube rubik


After this drawing, you have to put a broken pencil on both sides of the cube. I mean the sharp edges of the pencil should be left side of the cube and the back part is to keep the right side of the cube, after which our drawing will be ready.

Thank you very much for reading and see this post. If I remain on my website like this, then I will be uploading(Rubik cube) daily interest drawing and posts like this. If you like the Rubik Cube, please share this post as much as possible so that you can reach this interesting information(rubik cube drawing) from me. Well, I had prepared this drawing specifically for beginners so that small children could get rid of this post.

Watch the following video

Source-youtube/Art Arena

3d cube

How to draw 3d cube on paper

How to draw a 3d cube on paper:

The material used: HB pencil only. 3d cube is very easy to draw.

Firstly, you will need an HB pencil to make a cube. It is a very simple drawing. You will have to pull the outline in the cube’s shape, after which you will have to marry both sides of the cube. It depends on you that you have the shoe of the cube Want to see, On the side of the shadow you want to see the light shade in one part of the cube and in the other part the dark shading will be done, then you will have to create a shade of cube in the side of the cube so that the cube can be seen floating flatly. If you practically understand, then you can see my videos, which I have as low as I am, very easy to draw 3d dimensional drawing, sketch drawing paintings so please you  in my website and youtube channel, now you turn you get to try to draw these drawings and other types of drawings like that 3 dimensional drawing, sketch drawing, pencil drawing, paintings you try to get in home very easy to draw this and other types of drawings.

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