Tree Drawing step by step 3ddrawing 3darts

Hello friends how are you all? You are welcome in today’s blog post. I hope you like this post(Tree Drawing Step by step). In this post, I will tell you how to draw its and what material used in this drawing. This post(a tree drawing step by step) is upload whose people who are interesting in making 3d drawings(3-dimensional drawing). It is very easy to make a drawing. You will see this drawing(tree drawing step by step) very good and very hard to make, but it is not so. If you want to know which way this drawing will be made, then read my article from the beginning to the last, and then start making it. Let’s start friends.

How to draw tree step by step

To make this drawing you have to follow the 6 steps below, after which you have to draw a tree. Tree drawing step by step.

Materials used in Tree Drawing: Winsor & Newton ProMarkers and BrushMarkers, STABILO pens, Paper: White. (Fabriano Elle Erre 220 g.) F and B graphite pencil (Derwent) Soft eraser.

Step:1 First you have to draw a tree with pencil

tree drawing step by step

First of all, you have to draw a tree. I mean drawing a tree’s shape from a pencil. If you are keeping the shape of a tree, you can see it in this image. There is absolutely no leaf in this tree, it is a dead tree. So in this way you have to draw this tree.

Step:2 Shading in

Tree Drawing step by step 3ddrawing 3darts

After that, you have to do shade inside the tree. The way to do the shading should be absolutely perfect. Shading from the pencil is what you have to do according to the image.

Step:3 Draw Shadow of tree

tree drawing step by step

As we were just drawing the tree while drawing the tree, we were making the tree wood shading as if it were a dry tree wood, the tree was shaped like a dead tree. In the same shape, we have to create a tree shadow. Shadow shape is to be drawn in the same way, after drawing the shadow, you need to ruffle the shadow on the shadow above the shadow so that the shadow looks realistic.

Step:4 Draw paper line

Tree Drawing step by step 3ddrawing 3darts

After drawing the tree completely, we have to draw a paper line. When drawing a line, the distance of the whole line is to be equal. this drawing is very easy not hard. In this drawing you will simply draw a tree and tree’s shadow and then draw the paper line on equal distance after that you have to cut paper on top.

Step:5 Cut paper by scissor on top

tree drawing step by step

As we are now preparing 3-dimensional drawings, in this drawing, we have to show the tree while standing. This tree will be lying on our paper only, but if we look at it from a distance, this tree will be standing. So we have to cut this paper from the top of the tree to make this drawing 3 dimensional. You can cut into the shape of this tree by looking in the image.

Step:6 Drawing is finish

tree drawing step by step

After cutting the paper, you have to take this paper and draw the photo from a distance, then this tree will see you stand still.

Watch in the following video

So, friends, I hope you guys have understood how to create this drawing and what material has been used in it. I hope you will like this post by commenting you can tell me how you got this post and what kind of drawing or post(tree drawing step by step) you want to upload for further.

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