Tumblr Girl Drawing | Full Pencil Sketch in Five Steps

Tumblr Girl Drawing, Hii friends, I have brought you something different and some special drawing. It is very good to see, but it looks even better in making a statue. I bring you a new and amazing drawing every time. I have brought something similar for you this time too. You will be very happy to see it. As I told you in all the posts. I give you instructions and some steps to make a drawing. Look at those you can understand how you want to draw the drawing. And which accessories will you need? So I am going to tell you in this post also. But for that, you have to read the instruction and article given below well.

Tumblr Girl Drawing

tumblr girl drawing

In this, I am going to tell you the Tumblr Girl Drawing. It had a girl with long hair. This drawing outlines drawing. It is not difficult to create this outline drawing. For this, you will not need a blending stump. Because this drawing is not our sketch drawing. This is our outline drawing. In this, we do not have to sketch, just draw. You have to draw with a pencil and outline. Which will make your drawing very nice and amazing. To make this drawing complete, you need a pencil, a pen, and an eraser. With whose help you can complete this drawing.

Steps of the Tumblr Girl Drawing

Step:1 First of all, you have to make a girl’s face figure to make this drawing. Which is the most part. After that, you have to draw his nose, lips. And then you have to draw your left eye carefully.

Step:2 After drawing eye, eyebrows, and eyelashes, you will have to draw her left braid properly: Like your braid. When you prepare the braid, you have to make the hair in the shape above the head. Which will bring the proper shape of your head. You will also need to make the ribbon below the braid. Due to which the girl’s braid is stopped. Which you will have to make with a nice bowl.

Step:3 After completing this left braid, you have to draw the right eye of the girl. Along with becoming the right eye, you have to fix the face figure while giving the right shape. After completing the right eye, you have to fix the right braid of the girl. Then, you have to make the ribbon below. And the whole drawing has to be prepared well.

Step:4 So now you have to outline the drawn drawing with a pen. Because this is our outline drawing. So it is very important for him. So you have to take a pen first of all. And the girl has to start outlining.

Step:5 First to outline her eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, then the nose, lips, face figure. After that, the hair has to be outlined well. Then the girl will have to draw lines from inside the hair. Braid has to prepare well. Which makes it seem like there are real hairs. For that, you have to draw proper lines: like your hair.

Your drawing has been done

Now your drawing has been completed. I hope you will like this drawing. To make this drawing, you were also given the below video tutorial. You watched that video carefully and understood. And you should definitely love this drawing.

Watch the video of the Tumblr Girl Drawing