Turkey Cartoon Drawing For Kids | Art For Kids Full Tutorial

Hello Friends, Welcome to my Turkey Cartoon Drawing. In this blog post, I have provided an amazing drawing for kids. First I want to announce this drawing is especially for kids but anyone tries this drawing. The one thing is very amazing in this blog post that is the video tutorial of this Turkey Cartoon Drawing is given in the last paragraph which is very important for kids to watch. In this drawing, if you want to do colour in the turkey drawing so you can do. If you do colour in this drawing it is very nice. If you want to draw this drawing so you can read the full tutorial of this drawing and watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

Turkey Cartoon Drawing Image

turkey drawing easy

So friends this is the image of this drawing. You can able to see the image and do the work for this turkey drawing. In this tutorial i have explain the full steps of this turkey drawing.


First of all, you have to draw the full body shape of Turkey. After draw the shape you can start draw with the head of the turkey.


Now you have to draw the head shape of turkey. After that draw the face parts of turkey. First draw the eye and then draw the beak.


Now draw the legs and the wings of turkey. To draw the legs first you draw the shape of legs, After that draw the fingers of legs. I hope you understand by this point. If you want to colour it so you can do it. It is very easy and amazing for this drawing.

So friends After this paragraph the video tutorial of this drawing is given. I hope you watch the full video tutorial for this drawing. It is very important to watch. If you do not understand the steps of this tutorial so you can watch the video tutorial and sort out the problems with this drawing.

Watch Full Video of Turkey Cartoon Drawing


So friends, This is the video tutorial of this drawing. I hope you like this blog post. If you like this blog post do the share and bookmark this blog.