Unicorn Art Drawing Easy Step by Step For Beginners

Easy Unicorn Art Drawing, Hello friends, welcome back to my today’s blog post. Today, I have brought some different and some special drawings for you. This drawing of an animal. You may not even have seen it. So today I have brought this drawing for you. Like all blog posts, this post, I also explained this to you very well. In this post drawing of a horned animal. Which is called Unicorn Horse.

Easy Unicorn Art Drawing

So friends, in this unique post I am going to tell you how you can make your drawing easier. For which I gave you some steps. And a video tutorial is also given. With the help of which you can draw a drawing without any problem. And I gave you some special instructions to make this drawing. Which you have to keep in mind while making this drawing.

Step:1 First you have to draw a Face (Easy Unicorn Art)

Unicorn Art Drawing Easy Step by Step For Beginners

So in this first step, you should first make a face of a unicorn horse. Through which you can easily make up the rest of it. You can make this drawing with good help from my instructions and steps. I made this drawing with the direct bold black sketch. And if you want, you can make this drawing with the help of a direct bold black sketch. You can also use this drawing using a pencil or a black sketch of a thin tip.

Step:2 Draw Ear and Eye of the Unicorn

Unicorn Art Drawing Easy Step by Step For Beginners

So, friends, you have to make ears of this step unicorn first. After that, you have to make an eye for it. in this drawing, the unicorn’s eye is closed. So, you have to draw a closed eye. You will not have much problem in making an eye. Because of this drawing eyes only have to draw eyelashes in the shape of the eye. Which are very easy to make. And anyone can draw well.

Step:3 Now draw its Horn and Hair(Unicorn Art)

Unicorn Art

You have to draw the last step. After this step, coloring has to be done to draw the drawing. Which will add more moon to your drawing. Your drawing will look even better. So in this step, you have to make its horn first. Because with the help of horn, you can make hair well. So, you make its hair. The way girls do all their hair as before. Similarly, we will have to draw its hair. This unicorn is recognized only because of its horn. Because all animals have two horns and only one of them. And it looks very beautiful too.

Step:4 Your drawing has been completed with color

Unicorn Art

This is the last step of this blog post. You do not have to tell anything about this. All you have to do in this is color. Because of this, your drawing will look even more beautiful. I will tell you how to start coloring. First of all, you have to turn your cheeks pink. I mean you have to paint on the cheek. You can take the help of the below-given image. After that, you have to color the ears and hair well. And finally, you have to fill the horn with different colors. After doing this, your drawing will look even better. I hope you have liked this drawing.

Watch the video of Easy Unicorn Drawing