Unicorn Drawing for Kids | Step by Step Full Tutorial

By | April 8, 2022

Unicorn Drawing for Kids, Hi, guys, I am back to my blog post. Today, I have brought some different drawings for you. Children will be very happy after seeing that. And children will love to make this drawing. Because it is alike a cartoon-type drawing. Which children like very much. And the children would definitely like to make it as well. You and the children do not have to work very hard to make it. But I am going to tell you in this post how you can make it more easily. Those who do not even know how to make a drawing can also do a drawing with the help of this blog post. Because in your post I take you one step each you very well. And I also give you video tutorials to understand and see you. So that you do not have any problem with the drawing.

Unicorn Drawing for Kids

So friends, today I have brought a nice and amazing drawing for you. And it is also nice to see your drawing of a horned horse, which remains. To draw this drawing randomly, I gave you some easy steps below. You can draw the drawing after reading it properly.

Step:1 First you have to draw Ear and Mane of the Unicorn Drawing

Unicorn Drawing for Kids | Step by Step Full Tutorial

Friends, I am going to tell you how you can make this drawing. So, first of all, you have to be a unicorn horse. After making his mane properly, his mane will have to be made. The hair of my unicorn horse is called. Like unicorn horse, this name is also a bit different. This is your starting part. You have to draw it very carefully. If there is a mistake then the drawing will be spoiled. For this, you will draw it carefully.

Step:2 Draw Face and Body of the Unicorn Horse

unicorn drawing for kids

Now you have to make his face and body. It is very easy to make. You can make it comfortably and properly. His face and body have to be set in this way. As if they were asking back. The face and body shape of the unicorn(unicorn drawing for kids) is bent backward.

Step:3 You have to draw its Legs and Tail

Unicorn Drawing for Kids | Step by Step Full Tutorial

In this step, you have to make its legs first with the help of the body shape. This is a unicorn drawing for kids. So only one leg is visible from the back legs. And further: both the legs are standing upright so they are visible. Which you will have to draw with a lot of finishing. After the legs have to draw his tail. The following image has been given for your help. With his help, you can easily draw.

Step:4 Now draw Eye and Horn

unicorn drawing for kids

Now you don’t have to draw anything in this last step. But whatever you need to do, it is necessary to complete the part. As soon as they are made, your drawing will be completely fixed. I hope you all would have liked this drawing and all of you will also like it.

Step:5 Unicorn drawing has been made

unicorn drawing for kids

So friends, In this blog post you have to draw the last thing, That is the tail of a unicorn. Draw properly and carefully. It is very easy for kids. I hope you like this drawing and understand how to draw the things in the last step. The video tutorial of this unicorn drawing given below. I hope you watch the full video tutorial of This videos.

Watch the video of Unicorn Drawing for Kids