Unicorn Face Drawing | Easy Drawing for kids in Four Steps

Unicorn Face Drawing, Hii friends, I came back with my next blog post. The blog post that I have brought for you today is very special and important for you. I had brought a unicorn horse drawing for you in my last blog post. So, I think everyone had a problem with the unicorn face. That’s why today I brought a new post related to you: Unicorn Face Drawing. So you read and understand this blog post well. So you can draw the unicorn face randomly. And you and your drawing should have no problem. So check this article properly.

Unicorn Face Drawing

Now, I am going to understand and tell you about the unicorn face in the article below. So, you should read and understand this article given below. By the way, it is not so difficult to make its face. We can make it easier. His face, Eye, Ear, Mane, and Horn have to be made just like that. Which is very easy. So now I will tell you how to make face. For which gave some steps below. With whose help you can prepare this drawing very well. I have also given you a video tutorial below with steps. In which you were told with a lot of clarity that how you draw it. Which will be very helpful for you.

Step:1 First draw Ear and Mane (Unicorn Face Drawing)

Unicorn Face Drawing

So to make its face, first of all, you have to draw one of its ears. With the help of which you will be able to draw the mane with great easier. It is very attractive to me. They look very cute. So now you have to do it after it is done. For that, you will also have to read the next steps carefully.

Step:2 Draw the Face of the Unicorn

Now I will tell you how to make face. For which I gave some steps below. So you have to start making faces from the top. The Face has to be drawn a bit like below. Like it is a horse. Similarly, you have to draw its face too. I hope you have understood this article. And you will also be successful in making the face. if you still have any problem drawing this face. So a step image has also been given for him below. With the help of which we can understand very easily.

Step:3 Now draw Eye and its Horn

You don’t have to do much in this step. In this, all you have to do is the eye, nose, and horn of the unicorn. I tell you all three things. How can you draw this step? And you can complete your drawing. They are very easy to make. First of all, you have to make two small circles to make its eyes. Then both of those circles have to be made a big circle inside. Then he has to tell his nose. For his nose also, a small circle will have to be made in the face. And lastly, you have to make the horn of a unicorn. Whom to make easy with the help of the image given below,

Step:4 Your drawing has been completed

Unicorn Face Drawing

This is your last step, in this, you only have to fill the black color in the eyes and nose of the unicorn. This will make your drawing even better. I hope you will like this post.

Watch the video of the Unicorn Face Drawing