Unicorn Head Drawing | Step by Step Drawing For Kids

Unicorn Head Drawing, Hi, guys, I am back to my blog post. Today I have brought a different post for you. Which you will like very much. This post is still something special and different every time. In this post, I was related to the drawing that was made in the previous post. I told you how to draw the face of the unicorn. And I have come to this post that how you can draw only the unicorn’s head with a drawing. Like all posts, these posts are also very easy to create. I hope that like all your posts, this blog post will understand and like you very well.

Unicorn Head Drawing

So friends, today I am going to tell you how you can draw this post like all posts. Just as it was very easy to create all the blog posts. This blog post has to be prepared. You have to follow my given steps step by step. With whose help you can draw it.

Step:1 First draw the Eye of the Unicorn

Unicorn Head Drawing | Step by Step Drawing For Kids

Friends, I will tell you how to start. First of all, you should make a unicorn eye carefully. To make an eye, you just have to make a small circle. And draw a big circle out of it. You have to draw an eye with the help of the circle. And it has to be filtered from inside with black color. Do not fill the inner circle eyes. And the three hairs of his eyelashes have to be drawn. This was your first step by which you started this drawing.

Step:2 Draw the Face and Ear (Unicorn Head Drawing)

unicorn head drawing

The last step was to make a unicorn eye. After his eye is complete, now you have to make his face. From the top of the eyes, the bottom line will have to be drawn face. The face has to be drawn a little bit downwards. Like a horse face, you have to draw in the same way. After that, you have to draw the ear of the unicorn. Only one ear will be drawn. Because one ear is coming behind him and which we do not see. So you have to be an ear.

Step:3 You have to draw its Mane

Unicorn Head Drawing | Step by Step Drawing For Kids

You made face and hair in his last step. Their help is all you need to complete this step. With the help of the glass that you have made the previous step, you have to decide on it. That too will have to be made the whole way. In this step, unicorn hair has been called mane. There is a different word. Which we use for hair. After I am done, you have to add the neckline of the face figure made in the previous step to it from the master.

Step:4 Now you have to draw Horn of the Unicorn

unicorn head drawing

Now your last step, In this, you have to draw a proper line for the mouth in the face figure. You can take the help of the below-given image. And the video given below can also help tutorials. After drawing the line of the mouth, you have to make its horn. Horns will tell you the tools made by me. You can also see the image below. Which is the last step of this drawing. After making this, your drawing is completed. I hope you have liked this blog post too.

Watch the video of the Unicorn Head Drawing.