Venom Drawing Step by Step #Venom #Drawing

Hello Friends All of you are welcome in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I will explain to you all how the Venom drawing will be formed. This Drawing is very easy to draw. I hope you all will like this post or you will like it. In this post I have also provided the video tutorial below so that you can also take help of video tutorial while drawing this drawing and you will not have any problem in making this drawing. So friends, if you want to understand everything about this drawing, then you must read this article from the beginning to the end.

How to draw Venom

To make this drawing, first you have to follow some steps below.

How to Draw Thanos Step by Step #thanos

Step:1 Draw Venom’s Eyes(Drawing)

Venom Drawing

Now you must first draw the eye of Venom. When drawing your eye, you have to take a lot of attention that the shape and shape of both the eyes should be same. You have to draw a shape similar to the image made in this image. Hope you have understood everything so far Let’s go to the next paragraph.

Step:2 Draw Tongue of Venom(Drawing)

Venom Drawing Step by Step #Venom #Drawing

Now you have to draw Vennem’s long tongue. It’s very Dangerous Tongue. Venom Drawing is very easy to draw. Friends, you can understand the complete tutorial for drawing its tongue in the video given below. If you understand this step then you can read the next paragraph.

Step:3 Draw Teeth of venom

Venom Drawing

Now you have to draw Venom’s teeth. While drawing a tooth, you have to be very careful of the fact that the middle teeth have to make you big in size and the size of the side teeth is to keep you small, then only Venom will feel more scary. Let’s go in the next step.

Step:4 Draw Shape of face of Venom(Drawing)

Venom drawing

Friends are going to be our drawing at the end, now you have to draw the shape of your face. Now our draw is complete. Friends, I hope you have come to understand this article and have liked it too. Friends, how do you feel about this article, you must tell me by commenting and you need a topic in the next article, you must tell me by commenting.

Watch in the following video


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