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If you are a cub scout leader and want to learn how to draw a bear, there are several steps you need to take in order to prepare your cub to accomplish this task. The first thing you need to do is make a large circle on your graph paper with a larger area inside of it than you wish your bear to fill. Next, think of something funny you remember about your childhood and make a note of it, such as how your mom always made fun of your pet (no, I am not talking about your cat). Once you have a funny memory to relate to your bears’ behavior, put that memory on your paper along with a caption regarding the funny memory.

Next, think of paws. Begin by drawing the paw of your bear exactly as it appears in your memory. Then, draw two ovals on your own paws, making sure they are exactly the same size. You will want to join these two ovals together later in the drawing.

how to draw a black bear

The next step is to draw the face. Begin by drawing the entire head, including its jaw and eyes, exactly as it appears in your memory. Next, draw the chin and the mouth along with the top of its head and the tip of its nose. Join these two shapes in a straight line by joining the lower jaw to the upper part of your nose.

The next step is to draw the whiskers. Begin by drawing just the tip of its nose. Then, add side cuts and tufts around the edge of its face, following the same procedure as you did when you drew the eyes. After this, add the lips. Join the lip cuts by joining the upper edge of each one to another angle of your nose.

The third and last step is to fill in the fur. Begin by drawing the outline of your bear’s body, taking care to see that all the fur is even in thickness. Next, fill in the fur in areas where it stands out. Keep in mind that lighter fur is usually easier to draw than darker ones. Be careful not to make your outlines too shapeless or too thick.

The final step is to draw the feet. Begin with a simple sketch of your bear’s foot, remembering to keep your drawing roughly to scale. Next, take a clean piece of paper and create the outline of your foot. Use a pencil to draw the outline, following the same proportion guidelines you followed for the rest of your body. Finally, fill in the fur.

How to draw bears can seem quite complicated at first. Luckily, it only takes a bit of practice to master the techniques. Start by making simple sketches. Work your way up to more complex shapes and details. When you reach the proportions of bears, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of illustrations for books, websites, or other mediums. Continue learning how to draw more bears and you will soon have the ability to draw any animal you please.

There are many tutorials on how to draw a bear online. Some of these are free, while others require you to pay a fee. In any case, as with any type of drawing, the more high-quality resources are worth your money. You will be able to complete simple tutorials quickly and easily, with only a little time spent on the actual drawing process. With the proper resource, anyone can become an expert artist, no matter what their skill level.