Wednesday Addams sketch in 4 Steps

Wednesday Addams Sketch, Today I drew the Wednesday web series character Wednesday Adams. Wednesday is a famous web series. In there is a girl whose name is Wednesday. This is a high school student. This girl is not like any other who doesn’t show her emotions and is a strict type of girl who studies at Nevermore School. There is a psycho-type girl. Her favorite color is black.

She wears black and white clothes in the Jaipuri series. Nevermore Academy is the kind of school where superpowers sleep inside the children studying. Her favorite color is black. She wears black and white clothes in the Jaipuri series. Nevermore Academy is the kind of school where superpowers sleep inside the children studying. Today we will make this character step by step with the help of a pencil. His parents, Morticia and Gomez, drop him off at Nevermore Attorney. This is a famous web series coming in the year 2022. Check all the steps of Wednesday Addams Sketch.

Step:1 Draw Some Guidelines


First of all, take plain paper and draw two straight lines on it which are parallel to each other and horizontal to the page. The gap between them is 1.5 cm. In the middle of this, we will connect these two and draw a vertical line from 1 cm above the center which intersects each other line. Next to this, giving a gap of 2 mm, draw another line. Now draw a line below the center. After this, two more lines will be drawn in the middle which will be at some distance away from the center. We will connect these two parallels from the middle. Will draw another line at the bottom.

Basically, by doing this we will draw a total of 9 lines which will be vertical and some will be horizontal. There is a kind of structure on which we will draw the face of Wednesday. who has two wife lines? Between these two we will make Wednesday’s eyes equally spaced. The middle of the bottom line will draw Wednesday’s nose. And in the middle of the bottom line, we will make Wednesday’s lips, which are slightly bigger. I hope you understand this step of Wednesday Addams Sketch.

Step:2 Draw Eyes of Wednesday Addams


In this step, draw the pitmaster’s eyes between the top two vertical lines by tilting the pencil to the side from the center of the left vertical line. Similarly moving the pencil from below will join the first line. Similarly, we will double the upper lines with a thin line, we will do the same thing on the other side as well. Draw the face properly of this Wednesday Addams sketch drawing.

On Wednesday addams sketch drawing, in the center between the two lying lines, draw the nose, while running the pencil from above, bend it lightly and make it a U shape. will connect the lines on both sides in a parabolic manner. Below these, we will plant it with a light cut. Wednesday’s lips will be made in the center from bottom to top. For which we raise the pencil. Like a petal, lifting it up again will bring it further. We will make it as tall as you can see in the drawing. The bottom part of the lips will be made slightly wider.

Step:3 Draw Nose and Lips

Wednesday Addams sketch in 4 Steps

Now draw two small underlines under the eyes. Will bring the pencil by moving it from top to bottom. Now from the top of the pencil, from the center to the bottom, bring the pencil down by moving it. Now let’s do it by bringing the pencil down from the top of the eyes to the part of the forehead. The eyes that have been made, make a circle in the middle of them. On the other side draw a circle in the middle of the same bean eye.

Now two braids are made on the other side behind the ear because Wednesday addams sketch used to make two braids. Those who have drawn the hair above the forehead will draw a line in the middle of them. Draws downwards. Let’s draw the top like this. For which we run while making good. Moving the pencil, we make it small and round in a curly way, which you can see in time.

Step:4 Draw the shape of hairs


In this state, we do the shedding of its hair. First, rub the pencil slowly on her hair, then make a lining in the middle, leaving the middle empty. Leaving his short hair in the middle, run the pencil and blacken the center of his eyes with a pencil, leaving only two places slightly white. Blacken the lips with a pencil.

Shading well set the lower part of the nose with a pencil. Let’s set the collar part of it and the sweater underneath it well. His face is shown by making a light dot on his face with the tip of a pencil. Do all these things easily, use the pencil by moving it well so that there is no mistake.

Step:5 Wednesday Addams Sketch is Done


This is the final step of this drawing. In this step, we have to sketch the whole face of Wednesday Addams. If you are not able to sketch like that so you need to understand and take practice sketching skills.

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