Hello, friends welcome to this Windmill drawing, I hope you like this drawing very much. In this blog post, I have provided five steps. If you want to draw this so you need to understand how to draw windmills in these five steps which are given below.

Step:1 Draw Shape of Windmill

Windmill drawing | Simple Drawing for Beginners

So guys here is the first step to making this Windmill drawing and we will make a windmill today. Windmills are a good source of energy. So let’s begin, so first of all, you have to draw a semi-circle horizontally at the bottom of the paper.

After drawing the semicircle you have to make two converging lines from both ends of the semicircle and leave them at a point where less distance is left (do not try them to meet) after this you have to draw a triangle above the two converging lines at the point where you had left.

Step:2 Draw Rotator of Windmill

windmill drawing

Here is the second step to make this Windmill drawing as you have drawn the body of the windmill in the earlier step in this step you have to make the Rotator structure of the windmill.

So first of all you have to draw a circle below the triangle drawn in the earlier step and on the left side ( Don does not draw the circle out of the triangle) after drawing that Circle draw 4 straight diverging lines from the small circle drawn below the triangle.

Step:3 Draw Outline

windmill drawing

So guys here are halfway down, here is the third step to making this Windmill drawing. In this step, we have to make the Rotator structure of the windmill so you know that we have drawn four diverging lines now here you have to sketch those lines and the circle also and make one smaller circle between them. Outline the fan type structure and double the lines as you can see above in the image. Attached to this step.

Step:4 Make Outline on the all Windmill Parts

windmill drawing

So here guys are the fourth and the second last step to making this drawing. In this step we will make the fab type structure in the last step we drew the four diverging lines and then we sketch the lines. Now, here we have to make the shapes as you can see above in the image attached to this step.

Now, here we will also draw the gate and the windows of the windmill so first of all draw the shape of the widow then we will draw the shape of the door, and after drawing them outline the whole image with a black thin sketch pen.

Step:5 Windmill Drawing has been made

windmill drawing

Gere s the fifth and the last step to make this Windmill drawing in this step you have to make this drawing in this step erase all the guidelines or the extra lines drawn. Now your windmill has been made you can color it too according to your choice. I hope you understood and enjoyed making this Windmill drawing.

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